The COVID-19 pandemic has turned millions of people from office workers to work-from-homers. And things went so well, some companies have announced that they will allow parts of their workforce to remain remote workers permanently.

Despite the benefits, there is still plenty of stigmas connected to working from home. Oak Hill Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing is dispelling four work-from-home myths in case you’re trying to convince your boss to let you do some more work from your dining room table.

Productivity Suffers
It’s natural to think that people working from home – with potential distractions like television, going outside, taking care of pets, etc. – would cause productivity to suffer. But a study conducted by Stanford University found that productivity went up 13% and companies earned around $2,000 more profit per remote employee.

Remote Work is Solitary
Sure, you can be solitary if you want to, but there are plenty of ways for extroverts to enjoy office camaraderie. Thanks to meeting apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, communicating with those in the office is as easy (or sometimes even easier) than being there in person.

You Need to Have a Home Office
The only thing you really need is a comfortable place to work where you will be productive. Experts recommend that you set up shop in an area of the house that you don’t associate with leisure (like the family room or bedroom), but if your space is limited, you can make any location work. Even switch things up every now and then!

People Working From Home May Not Be Working 9-5
Bosses may be skeptical that people working from home are actually putting in the time, but studies show that 28% of workers started working before 8:30 a.m., 40% use their computers after 10 p.m., and 26% of work happens outside of normal working hours. So the research shows that working from home means people will be more likely to check in after-hours, when that usually would not be the case during the commuting-to-the-office lifestyle.

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